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What Is eCommerce?

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What Is eCommerce?

Dive into eCommerce: the dynamic online marketplace. Understand its mechanisms, the technology driving it, and how it’s reshaping the retail landscape.

In recent years, the ecommerce sector has grown at an unprecedented rate. Businesses have been pushed to increase their web presence by new trends, consumer habits and web development technologies. The pandemic then pushed online shopping even more, allowing ecommerce businesses to flourish.
There is fierce competition within the ecommerce industry, as most businesses want to take advantage of this online shopping trend. You’ll have to be able to differentiate yourself with web development services which offer beautiful web design and a powerful technology stack. Accel is what you need.

Accel hires only the top 1% of technology talent to provide the best eCommerce Development Services on the market. Our team will take care of your project, from beginning to end. We cover all aspects of software development in order to make your dream eCommerce platform a reality. What is the goal? The goal?

E-commerce development that drives conversions
All you need is right here. We leave no stone untouched when it comes to developing e-commerce.

Web Design and Development for E-Commerce
Your online store is much more than a simple website. Your e-commerce store is your brand’s gateway to the world. Our UX/UI designers and engineers deliver solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. Talent, technology and high-quality deliverance help us to create unique value for your business.

B2B and B2C E-commerce Websites
B2B Trade Portals, and B2C Marketplaces, are two of the fastest-growing and most popular e-commerce models available today. We provide you a team of engineers with extensive experience in the vertical or industry that your company is part of to help you stand out.

Custom Modules and Applications
A few modules and plugins can make a huge difference to an ecommerce store. Working with an experienced team of engineers will help you develop the modules, apps, plugins and components that your website needs to reach the next level. Your core team can continue to maintain your store and work on its normal tasks.

Maintenance, Support and Consulting
We mean it when we say that we will cover your entire e-commerce venture from beginning to end. Our consulting, maintenance, and support services are designed for you to resolve and prevent potential problems with your ecommerce website. You can prevent downtime, and continue to get high-quality conversions.

Upgrades, updates, and migrations
You know you need to make a change when your current technology stack is preventing your website from growing. Upgrade, update, or migrate your ecommerce website to the newest technologies can have a significant impact on your workflow, and create countless opportunities for your site.

API Integrations, ERP, CRM and Third-Party Integrations
When technology works together, it is more powerful. Integrating your ecommerce site with an API, ERP or CRM system, or even a third party platform, is the best method to expand the capabilities of your software. Integrations will help you to manage your data and maximize profits.

eCommerce Industry Key Insights
What separates the best eCommerce sites from those that are market leaders?

Aimed at Conversion
The best eCommerce sites are designed to convert visitors. From the homepage to the checkout page, they’re all geared toward conversion. The best way to achieve the best results is by understanding the customer journey, and making it as enjoyable and engaging as possible.

Mobile and Responsive Web Design
Mobile-friendliness is essential with the explosion of mobile use and different screen sizes. eCommerce stores that are the best perform on all screens and look amazing.

Performance and Data Tracking
It’s a proven fact that what is measured improves. You can make informed decisions by tracking user data, analytics and the performance of your site and products.

SEO and high rankings
Search Engine Optimization techniques give your eCommerce site a big advantage over your competitors by making it easier to crawl and load faster. Google’s second page is rarely visited by users.

Secure Payments and User Security with Stellar
Cybersecurity has never been more important. Your site must always appear and feel secure, particularly when it comes to payment. It will show your customers that you care about their privacy and encourage them to return for future purchases.

Tracking and preventing fraud and threats
In the eCommerce industry, malicious attackers and fraudulent attempts are common. You should always invest in robust infrastructures, cybersecurity measures and backend systems to keep your website secure.

The Best Platforms & Technologies to Build eCommerce Websites
These technologies are used to develop the majority of our eCommerce projects.

WooCommerce is a great choice for small eCommerce businesses that are hosted on WordPress. This plugin provides on-the-go features that take advantage of WordPress’ infrastructure. It can be difficult to scale up in larger operations.

Shopify is a popular Software as a Service platform that caters to small and medium-sized eCommerce stores. The robust app store, as well as the developer environment, allows businesses to customize their stores without any limitations.

Magento is the most powerful platform for eCommerce projects. It offers complete control over the development process. Adobe acquired the platform in 2018 and it focuses on utilizing next-generation technology to provide full-featured eCommerce toolkits.
Magento is the most powerful platform for eCommerce projects. It offers complete control over the development process. Adobe acquired the platform in 2018 and it focuses on using new-gen technology to offer fully-featured toolsets for eCommerce.

Custom Tech Stacks
Custom tech stacks are the answer when standard solutions don’t work. It is a solution that many established businesses choose when they are looking to expand their eCommerce platform.


What is eCommerce?
The words “electronic commerce” and “electronics” are the origins of the term eCommerce. eCommerce is the term used to describe all processes of buying and selling products and services through electronic media (also known as “the internet”). Internet. All of this is possible thanks to digital payments and sophisticated data management tools.

What is eCommerce Development?
eCommerce development is the design, development, and implementation of the software and architecture for an eCommerce application. Working with a Top eCommerce Development Company today is the best way to get access to expert eCommerce engineers and high-quality eCommerce services.

What are the main eCommerce activities?
eCommerce websites are primarily concerned with the provision of products and services on online marketplaces. They are divided into two types: Business-to Consumer (B2C), and Business-to-Business (B2B). These two models, depending on the size and complexity the website as well as the company’s preferences can use different platforms and technology to achieve their goal. Both custom CMSs and custom eCom websites serve different purposes.

What are the skills required for eCommerce?
You don’t require much to start with eCommerce. Outsourcing services to an eCommerce Development Company such as Accel can help you get started. The most difficult part is getting technology going. We provide a detailed roadmap that shows you where you are and where you need to go. We can then set you up to be successful with the latest eCommerce solutions.