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Staff Augmentation

Uniting your developers with ours for seamless integration.

Enhance your technical teams by incorporating our developers, bringing in the expertise you require.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation involves adding talent to an existing team by using a third-party. It could be 10 engineers joining 10 teams or a developer with specialized knowledge.

Staff augmentation reduces overheads associated with recruiting, training, and retaining talent. You can meet your short-term and long-term technology goals by gaining instant access to high quality talent.

Benefits of staff augmentation

Access the top 1% of talent

We’ve already done the rigorous testing for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities so you don’t have to.

Skip recruitment delays

Hiring the right talent is time-consuming. We assemble the right team of experts and onboard them in record time.

Streamline communications

Our developers align with your work hours, provide and listen to feedback, and have exceptional communication skills.

Create healthy teams

We grill developers on their soft and behavioral skills to ensure seamless integration and positive culture-fit alignment.

Our experts have been working alongside in-house teams for over a decade.

Why augment your tech teams with us?

Staff augmentation is a great way to boost your team’s development. We can easily integrate our services into your existing routines.

Our process. Simple, seamless, streamlined.

Common questions about staff augmentation

Does staff augmentation increase costs?

Staff augmentation is more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff and keeping them. You can cut costs on recruitment, employee benefits such as health insurance, training and office supplies. You can also be more flexible, as you are able to easily adjust your headcount based on the workload.

Staff augmentation allows you to hire developers from countries where the cost of living is lower. This can be more cost effective than hiring locals or in cities that have a higher cost of living.

How is staff augmentation different to outsourcing?

Both models are useful, depending on what you need. You are responsible for the management of any third-party employees in a staff augmenting model. In a model of software outsourcing, you can be more hands-off because you delegate the day-to-day administration and management tasks to your outsource partner.

Staff augmentation works best when you need to increase the productivity of your current teams, while still remaining involved in management. Software outsourcing is the best option when you want to delegate all software development to an outside team.