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Nearshore talent can help you scale your Angular Development.

Over 200 engagements are currently being powered by our Angular development services. Our teams are usually available within two weeks so that you can begin shipping high-quality software quickly.

Angular Development Services We Provide

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise software requires robust security solutions. Angular is the best platform to build it.

Angular provides a toolkit with a variety of features to build enterprise-grade applications. Because of its broad array of features built-in that eliminate the need to utilize third-party tools.

Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

The SPAs give a fluid and interactive user experience, removing the need for a lengthy page refresh.

Our team utilizes Angular and various technologies such as RxJS along with Angular Router to build SPAs. This increases the speed in terms of user experience, as well as scaling. The result? A lightweight, yet sturdy application.

Web Applications

By using Angular web application development, you’ll be able to build strong, scalable, and interactive, and dynamic web-based applications.

We take advantage of Angular’s numerous options, such as two-way data binding, component-based architectural dependence injection, reactive forms as well as routing to create web applications that provide modularity high-performance, as well as maintenance-free. We also employ Angular Universal, which enables server-side rendering (SSR) and boosts the performance of web applications as well as SEO.

UI Development

Attractive layouts. User-friendly features. Simple navigation. A dynamic user interface can add an appeal to your application. Our UI designers make use of the declarative HTML templates as well as JavaScript as well as TypeScript to design captivating interactive, user-friendly, and interactive UIs.

Angular Mobile App Development

Angular is an effective tool to build multi-platform iOS and Android applications, even though it’s not a standard option to develop mobile apps.

We use Angular as well as Ionic and Apache Cordova to reuse code and create native-looking mobile apps across all platforms. This results in a drastically lower duration to launch.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Are you in search of a web-based app that provides an authentic UX service to wide user base? PWAs, even though they are less important, remain the best option to blend two of the most popular aspects.

Our developers utilize Angular, Workbox, and other tools to create PWAs. Our web apps that are progressive are fun and interactive. We also place a premium on the reliability of cache and offline capabilities.

Case Study

“Accel has been a fantastic business companion, supplying quality improvement resources to reinforce a High-appearing and rapid-moving development team, as well as ongoing vicinity aid for his or her placements to make certain achievement and growth within their roles. The expert help and attention to the connection had been fantastic, and I could exceptionally endorse them.” Read the Full Case Study.

Why Choose Accel for Angular Development

Dozens of Angular Projects to Date

As a top Angular development firm we have worked on many projects utilizing the framework. We recruit the highest 1% of Angular developers, making sure they have the expertise to create an excellent return on investment for your company.

Diverse Range of Talent

Need help beyond the Angular developer team? Our expertise spans the entire range of expertise, including UX up to DevOps, QA, and beyond. This means that we are responsible for every aspect that you use in your application, from the design and performance security, design, and more.


Security is among our top priorities. The Angular platform is extremely secure, due to its built-in features such as XSS protection and strict contextual escape, as well as Content Security Policy support. We also conduct thorough QA tests and regular updates to improve the security of your application further.

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The Angular Ecosystem We Used in Previous Work

Development Tools and Libraries

Precompiled code and sources to hurry up Angular development, as well as address not unusual demanding situations.

  1. Angular CLI
  2. TypeScript
  3. RxJS
  4. Angular Universal
  5. Angular DevTools
  6. Karma
  7. Jasmine
State Management

Libraries for managing software state in a predictable and centralized manner, facilitating green facts waft and interaction managing.

  1. NgRx
  2. Akita
  3. Ngxs
UI Component Libraries

Pre-built and customizable libraries for growing appealing and interactive person interfaces.

  1. Angular Material
  2. PrimeNG
  3. ngx-charts
  4. ngx-datatable
  5. Ngx-leaflet
Miscellaneous Libraries and Utilities

Additional tools and utilities for functionalities like cookie coping with, user permissions, document upload, local storage management, and navigation and routing.

  1. ngx-cookie-service
  2. ngx-permissions
  3. ngx-uploader
  4. ngx-pwa/local-storage
  5. ngx-translate
  6. Angular Router

Key Things to Know About Angular

Tailored Solutions for Every Angular Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Angular as well as React are both well-known JavaScript frameworks to develop front-end web applications However, they do have important differences in the structure the approach, as well as the environment. As an example, Angular mainly uses TypeScript which is a subset of JavaScript as the primary language, however, React is compatible in conjunction with JavaScript and TypeScript. Angular is also a bit more steep process of learning as compared to React as well as being a bigger framework that has more features available out of the box.

The final decision of either the React and Angular framework is based on the requirements as well as team knowledge and individual preferences.

An Angular framework is widely used to develop dynamic web applications. It includes single-page apps. It is also used to build enterprises, real-time apps such as progressive web applications, online shopping applications as well as data visualization dashboards and much more. In addition, it can be combined with frameworks such as Iconic as well as NativeScript to create mobile-friendly applications.

Although Angular is a well-known framework that has many benefits, it comes with its own drawbacks. For instance, it comes with the steepest learning curve, in particular when compared to the other JavaScript frameworks.

In addition, it could create unnecessary complexity in smaller projects. It is suitable for bigger, more involved projects. Furthermore, features like two-way binding of data and change detection techniques can adversely impact performance. In addition, Angular follows a strict design and an opinionated style, that limits the flexibility.

When searching for a top Angular development firm, you should consider their technical proficiency in Angular and look through their portfolio of projects to find relevant knowledge, and also look into customer reviews to get an insight on their reliability and efficiency. These important factors will aid you to select a company which is the best fit for the needs of your project.