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Node.js Development Company​

Nearshore talent can help you scale your Node.js Development.​

Over 200 engagements are currently being powered by our Node.js development services. Our teams are usually available within two weeks so that you can begin shipping high-quality software quickly.

Node.js Development Services We Provide​

Node Web App Development

Node is a web development framework. Netflix and LinkedIn are among the household names that trust Node. The event-driven architecture of its vast package ecosystem makes it easy to create scalable and high-performance web applications.

Our development teams are capable of handling everything from middleware and routing configuration to deployment and performance tracking. We can help you build anything from a real-time messaging application to a high-volume online store.

CMS Development

Node.js is a popular CMS because of its simplicity and extensibility.

Our developers use frameworks such as Express.js, NestJS, and MongoDB to build the CMS. MongoDB is used for content management and storage, while libraries like Passport.js, or JWT, are used for user management.

IoT App Development

Node.js is used by companies like IBM and Uber to build secure, scalable IoT apps.

What makes Node the leader in this field? It is a fast and real-time platform that integrates easily with IoT protocols. This simplifies the development process. Node is ideal for IoT data-intensive applications because it’s open-source and event-driven.

API Development

Node.js can be used to build scalable APIs using RESTful and GraphQL.

The event-driven, single-thread architecture of Node.js allows the API to handle multiple concurrent requests with no performance or response-time degradation. To simplify and accelerate API development, our developers use frameworks such as Express.js Restify and Swagger.

Microservices Architecture

Node.js allows you to create scalable, resilient and flexible microservice architectures.

Node.js lightweight and modular nature results in low resource consumption, and increased efficiency. Developers can create independent, small services and then test, deploy, or scale them individually. We can also build microservices more quickly by leveraging the NPM ecosystem.

E-commerce Solutions

Node.js is used by e-commerce titans like eBay, Groupon and Walmart.

Why Node? Its event-driven and non-blocking I/O architecture increases scalability. Real-time updates also play a crucial role in handling heavy user load.

Node.js developers use frameworks such as Express.js or NestJS to create various e-commerce functions. These include payment processing, authentication and database integration. The result is that consumers get responsive online shopping experiences and businesses enjoy a higher ROI.

Node.js Maintenance & Support

The technology is constantly changing. Node.js is constantly evolving.

Node.js allows developers to create scripts that automate tasks such as database backups, migrations of data, and monitoring systems. Also, it has error logging, monitoring, debugging, and other tools. Node apps are also capable of running health checks and providing metrics to ensure that your software is stable and performing at its best.

Case Study​

Pinterest needed to upgrade its Ads Manager but the TA team was unable to find full-stack engineers. We recruited 200+ of the best engineers to work on the project within two weeks, in order to meet the tight deadlines. You can read the full case study.

Why Choose Acceltc for React Development​

300+ Node.js Engagements to Date

More than 300 Node.js projects have been successfully completed by our developers.

We deliver high-quality code to clients while minimizing the development time. Our software engineers use their technical expertise, as well as their communication skills, to create scalable and secure solutions.

Robust Security Measures

We place a high priority on security for all our clients.

Node.js is built on the powerful V8 JavaScript Engine and provides a solid foundation for any project requiring software development. All of our work is subjected to rigorous QA tests before it’s shared with clients.

The security measures we take don’t stop there. We will also protect your intellectual properties by enforcing NDAs and ensuring strict protocols for all of our developers’ devices.

Bespoke Solutions

Our specialty is custom work. Node.js is combined with other technologies in order to provide the best software solutions possible for our customers. Our team structure is flexible, and can include several different roles based on your requirements. From senior developers to project manager and QA engineers.

The Node.js Ecosystem We Used in Previous Work

Web Frameworks

Node.js components and elements are ready-made for creating web applications or APIs. This speeds up the development process.

  1. Express.js
  2. Nest.js
  3. Koa.js
  4. Hapi.js
  5. Fastify
  6. Adonis.js
Testing and Development Tools

Tools and frameworks that help testing, improvement workflow, and method management.

  1. Babel
  2. Mongoose
  3. Jest
  4. Nodemon
  5. PM2
Database Libraries

Instrumental for interacting with databases, which include each SQL and NoSQL solutions.

  1. Sequelize
  2. Mongoose
  3. Firebase Admin SDK
  4. Knex.js
  5. TypeORM
Additional Libraries and Tools

Supplementary gear our Node developers use to assist improvement.

  1. Pino
  2. Bull
  3. Node-RED
  4. Puppeteer
  5. npm (Node Package Manager)
  6. Async/Await

Key Things to Know About Node.js

Tailored Solutions for Every Node.js Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many global organizations rely on Node.js due to its efficient and scalable nature; among them are:

  1. Netflix
  2. Walmart
  3. LinkedIn
  4. NASA
  5. eBay
  6. General Electric
  7. Microsoft
  8. Goddady
  9. Medium
  10. Paypal
  11. Uber
  12. Tesla

Outsourcing to a Node.js development company means trusting an external partner with your project. There are various models you could take; you could bring Node experts onto your team as part of an extension, or have them take complete charge and manage everything themselves; either way they’ll use tools for communication, collaboration and project management that keep you involved throughout.

Due to Node.js’ versatility, you can develop various applications using it – responsive apps with event-driven logic; backend services; desktop apps; single page applications (SPAs); data intensive real time applications (DIRT); as well as applications requiring real time updates or scaling capabilities. Node.js is especially favored as its efficient handling of concurrent requests makes this an appealing platform choice.

Node.js offers many advantages; however, it also presents certain drawbacks:

Node.js has limited library support compared to some other languages;
Therefore performance issues with heavy computation might arise when handling CPU-intensive tasks due to Node being single threaded.
Code Maintainability Issues: Node.js asynchronous programming can result in “callback hell”, making the code harder to read and maintain.

When selecting Node.js development companies, it’s crucial that you consider three main areas. These are technical proficiency in Node.js; relevancy of past projects to your needs; client feedback regarding reliability and innovation of solutions provided; as well as client reviews regarding reliability. By matching up these elements with your requirements for project, ensuring they align will help ensure you find a development partner capable of effectively meeting them will help find one which can meet all their demands effectively.

Node.js has proven itself effective for real-time data processing during web development due to its event-driven architecture, with developers being able to manage multiple requests at the same time without blocking. This makes Node.js an excellent solution for digital solutions requiring real-time interaction such as chat applications, live streaming services and online gaming platforms.

Node.js’ unified use of JavaScript across both server and client sides simplifies development efforts, leading to improved performance and seamless integration.