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Java Development Company​

Nearshore talent can help you scale your Java Development.

Over 200 engagements are currently being powered by our Java development services. Our teams are usually available within two weeks so that you can begin shipping high-quality software quickly.

Java Development Services We Provide

Custom Java Applications

We build a whole lot of custom Java solutions, from sturdy LMS to user-friendly PM equipment. As a depended on Java software program development corporation, we deliver easy code and decrease the dangers of building software.

We’ve used the Java programming language on loads of projects. For example, our crew turned into instrumental in supporting SiriusXM migrate to AWS and developing new video streaming abilties.

Mobile & Web Applications​

Java is a versatile and reliable language for growing each cell and web packages.

For mobile app development, we use Java and Android SDK to create sturdy and feature-rich Android cellular apps.

For net development, we use frameworks like Spring and JavaServer Faces (JSF) to develop steady and scalable net answers, ensuring go-platform compatibility and seamless integration with lower back-stop systems.

Cloud-Based Platforms

We use present day Java tools and frameworks to build scalable and resilient cloud-local packages. Leveraging technologies like Spring Cloud and Apache Kafka, our Java developers construct bendy, fault-tolerant microservices architectures.

With our expertise in Docker and Kubernetes, we enable groups to effortlessly control their Java applications within the cloud, capitalizing at the advantages of scalability, value-performance, and fast deployment.

Enterprise Java Applications

Many pinnacle business enterprise programs use Java technology – including Amazon, Spotify, and LinkedIn. Why? Because it’s an exceedingly scalable, performant and secure programming language.

We use Java frameworks like Spring Boot and Hibernate to expand high-overall performance programs with green data staying power. Our knowledge in Java EE, mixed with technology like JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Java Messaging Service (JMS), enables us to build secure and feature-wealthy agency-grade packages.

Migrations & Integrations

Enjoy a smooth transition from legacy structures to modern Java frameworks.

Whether it’s migrating monolithic packages to a microservice architecture using Spring Boot and Kubernetes or integrating Java programs with 0.33-birthday party structures and APIs, we make certain minimum downtime and maximized ROI.

Case Study

Extending from satellite broadcast to online and mobile platforms could imply more opportunities for SiriusXM. To reach that goal, they wished experienced software program engineers. We assembled a group that was instrumental in transitioning the only-time broadcast business enterprise to a cloud-based streaming offerings provider. 

Why Choose Acceltc for Java Development​

150+ Java Engagements to Date

Java is one in every of a 100+ technology we have in our arsenal. Our groups have finished 150 Java engagements thus far—and counting. Using the language, along with its big surroundings, we’ve worked on initiatives like AndroidTV for Google, and revamping Pinterest’s Ads Manager.

Top 1% Java Developers​

All of our pinnacle Java builders undergo a protracted and rigorous choice manner. They additionally convey a median of 10 years of experience to the desk. And an array of each technical and tender capabilities. We provide elite expertise for your enterprise, ensuring a strong know-how and cultural in shape.

Flexible Engagement Models

Whether you’re searching out a handful of skilled Java builders to bolster your in-residence crew or a fully-fledged, devoted crew, we’ve were given you included. Clients love our flexibility. It enables corporations to live agile and scale groups as wanted.

The Java Ecosystem We Used in Previous Work

Web Frameworks and Tools

Tools to build Java web projects and APIs. These tools offer features like dependency injection, cloud-native capabilities, and asynchronous processing.

  1. Spring Framework
  2. Play Framework
  3. Ratpack
  4. Vert.x
  5. Quarkus
  6. Micronaut
Testing and Quality Assurance

Frameworks and equipment for writing and executing checks, facilitating behavior-pushed development and ensuring code satisfactory.

  1. JUnit
  2. Cucumber
  3. TestNG
Data Persistence and ORM

Frameworks and libraries for handling database interactions, simplifying object-relational mapping, and database schema management.

  1. Hibernate
  2. JOOQ
  3. EclipseLink
Containerization and Deployment

Tools and platforms for packaging Java packages into packing containers and dealing with their deployment and orchestration in various environments.

  1. Docker
  2. JHipster
  3. Kubernetes


Machine Learning and Data Science

Tools to manage dependencies, build and package Java projects.

  1. Apache Maven
  2. Gradle
  3. Apache Ant
IDEs and Development Tools

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and gear that enhance the improvement enjoy, presenting features like code editing, debugging, and venture management.

  1. Eclipse IDE
  2. IntelliJ IDEA
  3. Apache Tomcat
Big Data and Streaming

Java technology and frameworks system massive volumes of records and have real-time streaming programs.

  1. Apache Kafka
  2. Apache Spark
  3. Apache Flink

Key Things to Know About Java

Tailored Solutions for Every Java Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The outsourcing of Your Java software development involves hiring an outside company to build the Java application. It can be done in a variety of ways. If, for instance, you already have a development team and you want to get more accomplished than you are currently you could employ an outsourcing firm to supply 1 or 2 Java developers that will fit into the existing team(s). This is usually referred to as staff augmentation because you’re augmenting your team by bringing in outside help.You might also require an outside company to provide the Java-based software from beginning to end. Many people opt to use this method to keep their in-house teams from being distracted, or even if they don’t have a dedicated in-house team. This is usually an entire team of individuals with different skills like front-end programmers, Java developers, infrastructure and QA engineers, as well as UX/UI designers as well as data scientists.Some outsourcing companies operate by project-based fees while others work on a material and time basis. Also certain outsourcing companies are able to offer both.

Java is a flexible multi-platform programming language that is multi-platform and flexible. There are a myriad of types of Java apps that span desktop, mobile, web, IoT, and more.

Customized work is what we do best! Depending on the needs of your project we can offer some skilled Java developers, or even a full development team. Our clients have relied on us to provide bespoke Java software development since 2009. The top 1 percent of our of nearshore professionals have on average more than 10 many years’ experience in working for brands across various sectors.

Since its inception in 1996, Java boasts a rich collection of libraries, frameworks and tools. Highly proficient Java developers generally utilize frameworks such as Spring and Struts as well as Google Web Toolkit. The most popular IDEs include Intellij IDEA, Eclipse IDE and Apache NetBeans. Additionally, Java developers use tools such as Git to manage their version, Maven and Gradle for construction tools, as well as JUnit and Mockito to test.

Cost of custom Java development is based on a number of variables, including the scope of the project and its complexity as well as the technology stack required as well as the quantity of Java developers required, and the engagement model itself.

If you select an agreement with a fixed price the service provider must finish the project within your timeframe and budget. In contrast, a time-and materials contract is more suitable for projects with the flexibility of budget and the scope.

Yes, you can employ Java developers as well as Java development teams individually. The BairesDev’s Java development services cover the complete development range. We have three engagement models available.

With an increase in staff You can have one or two extra hands to help your internal development team. If you’re looking for a full team, think about our model for a team of software developers. In the end, if you’re seeking assistance with your Java development, we can help you complete the end-to-end Java development with our software outsourcing service.

Java has been the primary source of information for a number of development projects for more than two decades. This is because Java is a tool that can be utilized to accomplish a variety of tasks with amazing outcomes. Big companies like Google, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, eBay, and Goldman Sachs all have used Java to create their apps as well as systems and solutions.

Despite being almost 28 years old Java continues to be one of the most well-known programming languages. It has always been in close contact with mobile development and web development due to its status as one of the official Android development languages.

To ensure that a custom Java development project is tailored to your requirements of the business, it’s crucial to partner with a professional Java development firm. Their committed Java developers will spend time to study the unique business issues and goals fully. They utilize this understanding to customize each part of their project, from design of the user interface to the backend functionality, making sure the solution isn’t only an ideal technical match but also a perfect fit with the business goals and processes. This personalized approach ensures the final product is in tune with and meets the business needs.