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Android App Development

Access a global audience of 3.6 billion users. Kickstart your Android app launch—quick and efficient.

Connect with the top 1% of tech talent from LATAM in just 2 weeks. Develop stunning, secure Android applications to captivate and convert mobile users.

Android App Development Services We Provide

Custom Android App Development

Create an efficient friendly Android application. Get in touch with the top one percent of Android app developers to get your app featured on Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Utilizing programming languages such as Java and Kotlin as well as tools such Android Studio, we develop efficient, scalable apps.

UI/UX Design

The process of creating apps is only half the fight. Your Android apps must also be appealing, user-friendly and entertaining.

The UI as well as UX designers conduct research on users to create user personas with a lot of detail and implement an iterative process of design. The result? responsive, user-friendly and comprehensible apps that are a delight for users.

Cross-Platform Development

Do you want to speed up the pace of the development of mobile applications? Create applications that work across both iOS or Android platforms by using the same codebase.

We make use of tools such as React Native, Flutter and Xamarin, to create applications that run seamlessly and look the same across iPhones as well as Android phones and on websites on desktops.

Integration Services

You can add new features to your application easily by connecting it to APIs from third parties.

Payment gateways. Maps. Authentication services. These integrations off the shelf not only speed up the development process, but also create an application with many features.

QA and Testing

The development of mobile apps is complete without thorough quality assurance tests. Utilizing a mix of automated and manual testing We conduct an exhaustive evaluation of your Android application. Then, we collaborate together with the developers to find bugs and create an efficient, secure application.

Android App Migration and Updates

Make sure your application is updated with the most recent Android OS versions and device configurations. Introduce new features, address security concerns, and enhance performance. We utilize tools such as Kotlin Moving Assistant, Git, and Android Studio to ensure the smooth experience for users.

Key Facts About Outsourcing Android App Development

Best Practices for Android App Development

Android has seen a significant change over time. Here are the industry-standard best methods we use for top-quality app development.

Part 1: Design

Designing an Android application is as important as developing it. How to create an app that is attractive and user-friendly:

Prioritize the User Experience

We do extensive user research in order to create intuitive, navigable and user-friendly applications. This can include surveys, focus groups and competitive analysis.

Focus on Accessibility

We understand that accessibility is of paramount importance. We adhere to accessibility guidelines in order for your Android app to be usable by people of different abilities. We’ve included features such as alt text for images and system widgets.

Make It Responsive

The responsive design of your app means that it adapts to screen sizes, resolutions and orientations. Your Android app will look great on any device, be it a Samsung tablet or Google Pixel.

Follow Material Design Guidelines

We comply with Google’s Material Design Guidelines, which include additives and ideas, to construct a cohesive, consistent, and visually appealing user interface.

Part 2: Implementation

Our approach starts with a plan primarily based to your dreams and requirements. We follow those pointers to map out our development plan.

Follow Google Play Store Guidelines

We adhere to Google Play Store guidelines to make sure your app meets the essential necessities.

Use Android Architecture Components

Using Android Architecture Components, we implement structure patterns like Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) or Model-View-Presenter (MVP). This improves app shape and Separation of Concerns (SoC).

Optimize for Performance

Leveraging history threads and retaining memory consumption low, we optimize your Android app for performance and responsiveness.

Create a Solid Tech Stack

We use Java or Kotlin to build green Android programs. Kotlin is Google’s favored language for Android improvement, while Java’s great use and rich libraries make it a robust contender for complicated tasks. Both are supported with the aid of Android Studio, a popular IDE for Android apps.

Modularize Code

We comply with the ideas of modular programming by means of organizing the codebase into modular components, making it more maintainable and reusable.

Document Exhaustively

Throughout improvement, we hold complete, up to date documentation for our codebase, capability, and APIs.

Part 3: Testing

It is important to conduct QA tests in order to ensure the quality of your Android application. For maximum coverage, we create a comprehensive QA test plan.

Test Exhaustively

We perform a wide range of assessments including unit, security and integration tests, as well as user acceptance testing. Our detailed plan includes objectives, data and test cases as well as testing environments.

Implement Automation and Manual Testing

We combine manual and automated testing to ensure a comprehensive test plan. Automating repetitive test cases, like regression and compatibility testing, is a good idea. We use manual testing for exploratory and usability tests.

Conduct QA Testing Early

The QA team participates in the development process from the very beginning. Early and incremental releases are made. We can avoid merging conflicts and debugging problems after long periods of development.

Test for different conditions.

Testing is important in different environments and conditions. We test the app under different network conditions including Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G and low connectivity. We also test on different Android OS versions.

Why Choose Accel for Android Mobile App Development?

Our process. Simple, seamless, streamlined.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A professional Android app development team will partner with you to create mobile apps that are optimized for Android. We have three different engagement models, including staff augmentation, dedicated team, and software outsource. Each model represents different levels of client involvement, from adding one or more developers on your team to building an entirely new team to finish your app independently.

You can indeed hire Android app developers to work full-time. We provide developers with three different engagement models who are dedicated to your project. The advantage of hiring full-time outsourced developers is that they are committed to your requirements.

You can create a variety of apps for Android devices. These include social networking apps and apps related to e-commerce, health care, finance, travel, utility, and gaming. Android’s flexibility and versatility allow developers to build applications that meet the needs of different industries.

A mobile app development company like Accel specializes in custom Android app development. We offer customized solutions for each business. Our developers can build custom Android apps from scratch, or modify existing apps in order to meet your business objectives.

The cost of developing an Android app is heavily influenced by the technology and tools you choose. The use of cutting-edge technology can provide enhanced features, but it may also lead to higher costs because licensing fees are involved or you need more specialized Android developer skills. Open-source software can be cheaper, but it may have some limitations.

It is important to balance functionality, performance and budget when choosing the best technology for your project.